Basic Dyes-

Basic Dyes

Our Basic Dyes show high solubility in water. These are suitable for use in dyeing of hard to dye materials such as Nylon and Acrylic. Basic dyes offered by us are used mainly in the applications of acrylic fibers such as types 42 and 75 orlon and type 61 creslan. The dye is generally used to produce bright and deep shades with superior light and wash fastness.They are also additionally used in dyeing of paper and mosquito coils.

We also specialize in developing customized solvent dyes for your specific requirement. Our patented Methylene Blue Zinc Free manufacturing process results in minimal heavy metal content and is equivalent to the one described in various pharmacopoeias. It has extensive use in a number of industries including aquatic agriculture

 Our products include:-

1. Methyl Violet (CI Basic Violet 1)
2. Crystal Violet (CI Basic Violet 3)
3. Rhodamine (CI Basic Violet 10)
4. Magenta (CI Basic Violet 14)
5. Auramine O (CI Basic Yellow 2)
6. Brilliant Green (CI Basic Green 1)
7. Malachite Green (CI Basic Green 4)
8. Methylene Blue (CI Basic Blue 9)
9. Methylene Blue Zinc Free (Proprietary)
(Methylthioninium Chloride)