Acid Dyes

Our range of Acid dyes provide vibrant colors and show high solubility in water. These are suitable for use in dyeing of Natural Fibres such as Leather, wool and cotton and also as wood stains and laminate colorants. Our superior solubility products (EP Conc) are vastly used in water based inks and inkjet coloring. We would gladly match the quality and shades as per your requirement.

A list of the Products we Manufacture-

1. Nigrosine WS (CI Acid Black 2)
2. Nigrosine EP Conc (CI Acid Black 2)
3. Black NT (CI Acid Black 210)
4. Black NB (CI Acid Black 234)
5. Leather Black (Propreitary)
6. Acid Black 10 BX (CI Acid Black 1)
7. Metanil Yellow (CI Acid Yellow 36)
8. Metanil Yellow EP Conc (CI Acid Yellow
9. Acid Orange (CI Acid Orange 7)
10. Acid Orange EP Conc (CI Acid Orange 7)
11. Coffee Brown (Proprietary)