About us-

The roots of HBR Chemicals extend back to Lala Har Bhagwan Rangwala who started the trading of dyes in North and North West of India in the year 1895. His pioneering vision and business acumen set the foundation for the setting up of HBR Chemicals, which itself started as a small shop in the Tilak Bazar area of New Delhi. The strong devotion to customer intimacy and unparalleled service to customers formed the backbone for the growth of the company. Late Shri Krishan Kumar Agarwal often discussed the rest-house that was constructed by him next to the shop. This allowed many customers, especially from out of Delhi to come and unwind before going about their day. This rest-house became the personification of our vision: To develop excellent customer intimacy by providing color solutions for their problems.

Since then HBR Chemicals has expanded to the production of Dyes. We were one of the pioneers in dyes manufacturing and set up large scale operations in 1979. We started with the production of a range of basic dyes. After successfully developing a good customer base in India we started exporting initially to Europe and then later across the world. We diversified into the production of Acid Dyes and Sulfur dyes as well and finally after a few more years launched the production of Solvent Dyes. Since then we have concentrated on developing technologies and production capabilities that help us work towards our vision. Fast-forwarding to today, we are producing more than 15 different products across applications ranging from textile to aerospace plastics and are supplying to five continents across the globe. We endeavor to continue pursuing and growing with time…..

Our Vision-

Our vision is to bring colour to the industries that need it in a sustainable and sociable manner by being the world’s most trustworthy and renowned Manufacturers of Premium Quality Dye-stuff.

At HBR Chemicals we work towards becoming a customer-centric company that partners with customers and suppliers across the globe to foster innovation along the supply chain and change how people everywhere interact with colour. We wish to impact the world while holding true to our Core Values:

  • Customer Driven Innovation
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Strong Value system

We welcome you to join in on our journey and partner with us and help us color this world.

Board of Directors-

1.) Puneet Aggarwal (Managing Director)

Puneet Aggarwal is the managing director of the company. After completing his education at the University of Delhi in 1989, he joined the company to support his father, Late Shri Krishan Kumar Agarwal. Under the stewardship of Mr. Puneet Aggarwal, the company has faced many challenges including changing the Indian economic scenario, stiff competition from China, and the introduction of GST to name a few. Mr. Puneet Aggarwal has led the company through many troubled times and is determined to continue steering the company towards achieving its vision.

2.) Uchit Aggarwal (Director: Operations and Research)

Uchit Aggarwal joined the company after completing his MPhil from the University of Cambridge in the UK. He is the director of Operations and Research. His introduction to the company brought about a new wave of innovation and energy. He is responsible for setting up the solutions and services division. As a 3rd generation business owner, his leadership abilities and his education pedigree have set him up to transform the business. Along with Mr Puneet Aggarwal, he has grown the company multifold and has developed multiple partnerships globally and developed a brand name for HBR Chemicals in the dye industry.