Solvent Dyes

We offer a range of vibrant colors which show high solubility in a multitude of solvents. These are suitable for use in transparent lacquers, flexographic and gravure printing inks and wood stains and for coloring anodized aluminum and plastics such as polyurethane, phenol formaldehyde, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate and polyester resins.

We also specialize in developing customized solvent dyes for your specific requirement. We endeavour to provide solvent dyes which are specially made for coloring plastics and have developed CGBTM as a solution for coloring fiber reinforced plastics. Click on the dye to know more about it: 

  1. Nigrosine SS (CI Solvent Black 5)
  2. Nigrosine Base (CI Solvent Black 7)
  3. Violet Base (CI Solvent Violet 8)
  4. CGBTM (Propreitary)
  5. Valifast Black (CI Solvent Black 27)

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