Acid Dyes
Suitable for dyeing of Natural Fibres
Basic Dyes
Suitable for dyeing materials such as Nylon and Acrylic
Solvent Dyes
Suitable for transparent lacquers, flexographic and gravure printing inks
Sulfur Dyes
Offer good water fastness and good coloring strength on wool and cotton

Why Us

At HBR Chemicals we believe color can change life. It can add vibrancy and detail to our customer's products. We envision to provide tailored material which is individually developed for each customer and offers a perfect solution to the coloring requirements.

We do this by engaging with the customer and understanding their requirements. Our heavily customer focused R&D plans the project along with the customer and our strength of seamless transfer from lab to plant gives us the edge to provide your large scale needs with material that is exceptional in and tailored to you in every way.